The Best Part of Filing Your Income Taxes Is the Moment You’re Done.

The Dowling Group has provided reliable tax service in Greenwich since 1979. We are the tax experts.

We prepare personal income tax returns and provide business tax services, but we also go a step further: We advise you on ways to reduce your tax burden over the long haul. Our tax advice will be specifically tailored to your situation—even the complex portfolios often held by high net worth individuals.

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We are a second-generation family business founded in Greenwich in 1979 by Joseph M. Dowling, CPA. Our experienced CPAs can advise you on the best ways to minimize your tax burden this year and in the future, while still being sure to follow the law.

  • Do you become anxious when you think about preparing your tax return?
  • Are you sure you’re taking all the deductions you’re entitled to – and no more?
  • Are you overwhelmed by complex tax laws even though you’re a perfectly intelligent person?

As independent advisors, we follow the fiduciary pledge – meaning we always give advice to your benefit. Other advisors may steer you toward financial decisions that flow back into their own pockets, often for years to come!

We offer state and federal tax preparation services, guidance solving tax problems, and more:

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