Women Entrepreneurs

Financial Services for Women & Female Entrepreneurs

We embrace that women possess passionate, insightful perspectives when it comes to financial priorities. Our goal is to objectively educate, learn and approach financial readiness through each individual's unique lens.

Do you find yourself wondering about these common questions:


Am I doing what I can to maintain my lifestyle?

Should I be concerned that I may outlive my nest egg?

How can I feel more in control of my financial situation?


The Dowling Group helps you understand your choices and gain better control 

World-class Resources

25 Financial Tidbits

Checking Your Financial Pulse

Borrowing from Your 401(K) Plan

Building Your Child's Financial Foundation

Checking Your Financial Fitness

A Mid-Year Financial Review Can Pay Off at Year End

A Budget Can Boost a Family's Savings

Becoming a Financially Savvy Single Parent

A Changing Landscape for Young Families

A team that's there when you need it. 

When it comes to taxes, The Dowling Group is Fairfield's county's most trusted partner. From returns to tax planning our team of accredited experts stand ready.

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