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Real Estate & Mortgage Services

The average American will change residences several times over their lifetime.  Many of those moves will involve home/condominium ownership and a need for financing.  The Dowling Group works with our clients to understand their options and secure the most cost effective and tailored mortgages available in the marketplace.

Mortgages & Financing

Applying for a Jumbo mortgage can be a time consuming and intensive process. One that is quite stressful for both the applicant—and their agent.

Sean Dowling is a Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) employed by Neat Capital. The Dowling Group is not affiliated with Neat Capital. As an employee of and MLO for Neat Capital, Sean Dowling can clear your Jumbo mortgage in an average of 15 days – 3x faster than the industry average.

  • Simple. Minimize paperwork with our 20-minute online application and account-linking; get your part done easily.
  • Transparent. See if your income & assets qualify even before you submit your application.
  • Your Optimal Loan. Compare loans and see the impact on your interest rate when you adjust the down payment.
  • Compete Against Cash. Strengthen negotiation power with our Platinum Pre-Approval that makes your loan as reliable as cash.
  • Specialized in Large Loans. Experience our smooth loan approval, whether you receive a steady salary, run your own business or have investments.
  • Competitive Rates. Receive interest rates just as low as the big banks and lenders.


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From taxes to comprehensive financial planning, The Dowling Group is Fairfield's county's most trusted partner.  Our team of accredited experts stands ready to answer your questions and guide you to an optimal financial path.

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Investment Strategy


Being ready for that first home or planning for an upgrade or downsize takes planning.  Let the professionals at The Dowling Group help you plan smartly for that next move.

Relocation Support


While changing residency or buying a second home can be exciting.  What's involved can be a huge disruption from your familie's routine.  Let The Dowling Group help with the details, so you can focus on what's important.