Financial Planning

Finally, a Truly Comprehensive Approach to Planning

Any sound financial plan starts with a complete understanding of you and the tools at your disposal.  We combine in-depth knowledge collection with cutting edge technology to help define exactly what your current financial situation looks like.  Then identify objectives and time horizons and map those to your current situation to determine the most predictable methods to accomplish your goals. Pairing industry leading technology with 40 years of know-how we help clients point their financial future down the right path.


All Your Financial Information At Your Finger Tips

Balance Sheet

Organization.  A real time snap-shot of your families financial life all in one straightforward easy to understand format.

Cash Flow & Budgeting

Peace of mind.  See the numbers.  Manage how you're spending, how you're saving, and how you're building.

All Your Investments

Aggregation.  See all of your investments aggregated in one place.  Brokerage accounts, retirements accounts, private investments, all in one place, regardless of where they are.

Contact The Dowling Group

From taxes to comprehensive financial planning, The Dowling Group is Fairfield's county's most trusted partner.  Our team of accredited experts stands ready to answer your questions and guide you to an optimal financial path.

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What's my number?  See the different scenarios that lead to your financial independence.

Estate Tax Projections

Broaden your understanding.  Do you know what your current federal and estate tax exposure is? How much of your wealth will reach its destination?

Income Tax Optimization

The Bottom Line. Do you utilize everything at your disposal to minimize your tax burden?