Estate Planning & Administration

Estate Planning & Administration

Whether you envision a very specific outcome or are more interested in imparting a philosophy on the next generation, having a trusted partner that is intimate with your financial affairs working with you to consider all the scenarios and implications carefully can help make things go smoothly when the time comes.

The comfort and security that comes with a powerful partner.

Inevitably life evolves, tax environments change and new circumstances present themselves.  There is no reason that your legacy plan can't evolve with you.  Whether you are at the stage where you need to devise an estate plan or review what you have, our experts work with you to make sure all the bases are covered.

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From taxes to comprehensive financial planning, The Dowling Group is Fairfield's county's most trusted partner.  Our team of accredited experts stands ready to answer your questions and guide you to an optimal financial path.

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Comprehensive Estate Planning Elements

  • Clearly defined method of transferring wealth
  • Named guardian and executor
  • Trust planning
  • Living wills
  • Insurance optimization for tax
  • Business valuation and transfer
  • Estate tax preparation
  • Gift tax preparation